Going Vegan: Week Four And Five


I’m Not Vegan Anymore!

We ended week four a day early and hit up one of our favorite Houston Taco Trucks for their famous tacos de trompo. Can you see how excited we were to try meat again?



My best friend took me out for Korean Fried Chicken that weekend. Look at how happy chicken makes me. Yes I eat it with the glove because who wants a bunch of hot sauce under their fingernails. ❤ I pretended to take a photo of my chicken to get a photo of her.

The Fourth Week

I was sad yet excited to be able to eat cheese again. For the four weeks I was vegan I lost a total of 14 pounds. And that to me is a huge victory! Here’s what I was doing to get there.

  • Boxing and yoga for a couple hours on the weekends
  • Walking 6 miles a week
  • Vegan diet

The Fifth Week

I gained 3 pounds after I started eating meat and cheese again… It was all fun and games the first couple of days.

Monday morning was difficult for me I felt sluggish. Tuesday I felt slightly dizzy throughout the day. Wednesday I felt under a lot of stress and had fast food from Jack In The Box. Talk about huge mistake, I was miserable the entire day. Now I’m not talking about food poisoning but I had zero energy and had to take a really long nap after eating. The best way I can describe it is the way you feel after eating at Thanksgiving. By Thursday I’d had enough of feeling bloated and miserable. I noticed how much better I felt when I was on the vegan diet.

Seeking Balance

The only reason I went vegan was to see if I lost weight and felt better. I did but once I went back to my old eating habits, I gained weight and had very little energy. Even with the exercising on the weekends I gained the three pounds back.

I’ve realized I need balance. While I was vegan I wasn’t able to join my family for the weekend meals and felt left out.

Going vegan forced me to explore other ways to eat and nourish my body and mind. I think that’s why my old eating habits were making me gain weight.

Here’s What I’m Going To Try Next

Boxing is the funnest part of this weight loss journey. And the best part is that my boyfriend is helping me along the way.


I will continue doing boxing as a workout along with yoga using my free apps. Eventually I’ll be able to do all those cool yoga stretches. The walking is refreshing and helps clear my mind, I’ll work up to jogging those 6 miles again.


My diet will include a large majority of vegan meals. Those beans really left me feeling full with out the sleepy feeling. On weekends I’ll allow myself to one cheat meal because you know… Balance.

The meat and cheese will have a much smaller role in my eating plan. Especially if I don’t make the meal myself.

Check back next week for my progress and modified Mexican Recipes…




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