Going Vegan: Week Three

Sandwich from Doshi House in Houston


They are everywhere… Not only did we survive another BBQ but we had to get through BYOS Night(bring your own steak). And then my nephews asked me to slice the pizza for them. That was even more difficult, it’s probably how they feel when we tell them they can’t eat candy.


Thankfully my family grilled some veggies separately for us. We got to stuff our faces with brussels sprouts, peppers, mushrooms, steamed potatoes and spring rolls.

I’ve Lost 11 Pounds In Three Weeks!

yoga pose

I’m really proud of this moment right here! This is the other part of my weekend workout. I use the free Nike app and do the yoga exercises on there. The first time I tried to do this pose, I could barely get my leg to go past my hip. Even then I could only hold for 5 seconds.


It’s exciting to see the numbers on the scale decrease. This week I lost 3 more pounds and I can’t wait to reach my goal!

Week Four?

healthy fridge
Our Healthy Fridge #FridgeGoals

My boyfriend and I had originally planned on going vegan for three weeks. We had even spent Friday night trying to decide where we would go eat to celebrate. Then we went shopping and found ourselves sticking to our newfound “old habits.” The shopping cart was filled with our usual vegan essentials for the week.

salad meal prep

meal prep black beans
Black beans, lime-cilantro cauliflower rice, quinoa, corn and sauteed bell pepper with onion

We are getting good at this meal prep thing. We get to spend time together making smart choices and learning about keeping ourselves healthy.

Breakfast fruit with hemp seed
Papaya with strawberries, pineapple, flax and Hemp seed

Check back next week for my progress and modified Mexican Recipes…


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