Going Vegan: Week One


No More Fajitas Or Quesadillas

Never thought I’d be saying this but I decided to go vegan. I know what you’re thinking and yes I do miss cheese like this one in my enchiladas recipe. The good news for all of you that enjoy my Mexican Recipes is that it’s not forever. I plan on doing this for three weeks and after that eat meat and all the good stuff in small amounts. The main reason I’m doing this is to see if I feel better and lose weight.


Vegan Mexican Food

The biggest challenge so far is having to modify my favorite meals. Literally everything I love has cheese or at least chicken broth in it. After asking for help on my personal Facebook page for Mexican vegan options one of my friends recommended The Raw Boy. After watching a few of his videos on YouTube I realized it can be done.

Has It Made A Difference?

It has!! There were several times when I had to turn down delicious food this week and I felt like crying. My usual Saturday routine would be going to the farmers market, eating three tacos de fajita and a bread filled with jalapenos and cream cheese. Instead I was at the gym doing some cardio. Here’s a photo of my boyfriend teaching me some boxing moves. He’s gone vegan with me as well.


I feel better and have lost weight, 5 pounds in my first week. My moods improved, my hair looks shinier and I don’t feel bloated all the time.

This first week has been challenging. Especially when my mom made corn and everyone was slathering mayonnaise and cheese on it like in my elote asado recipe.

Meal Prepping

Having the food made and ready to go makes it a bit easier on days when I go to work. It’s been an experimental first week. Here are just some of the groceries we got for the week. We try to get enough for salads, soups, smoothies and snacks.

weekly groceriessalads

Check back next week for my progress and modified Mexican Recipes coming soon…

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