The Rise of UniConcha

Starbucks did the Unicorn Frappuccino but Mexican panaderia El Bolillo took it to a whole other level with their conchas.

“Since Pre Hispanic times, Mexicans have experimented with the taste of certain types of desserts. It wasn’t until the colonial times that bread, fortunately… It came to stay!” – Mexico Desconocido



Loving The Unicorn Craze!

Last Tuesday I saw pictures of these “uniconchas” on my facebook feed. Several people had been posting about them. Lucky for me, my cousin just came back from El Bolillo the bakery that crafted the uniconcha. Other panaderias are already making their own kind of unicorn pan dulces and I hope they don’t stop. I’m sure eventually i’ll get tired of all the unicorn theme food but for now I just want it to keep on coming!


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